“Governments must take the lead in living up to their pledges. At the same time, I am counting on the private sector to drive success” Secretary General Ban-Ki Moon.

The Global Goals are a unique opportunity to create global legacy.

If we can create a globally engaged public then politicians are more likely to finance the goals, because they react to public demand.

If you are a business or organization, make your employees and customers aware of the goals: badge your advertising campaigns and align your brand purpose and business strategy with the Goals, and join the prestigious group of organizations already working to make change happen.


If your organisation, campaign or business is already aligned with the Global Goals agenda, then please use the relevant icons and assets below to illustrate your commitments.

  • A selection of Global Goals logos
  • The individual Goals and Icon Grid
  • A link to our YouTube channel
  • Outcomes of the Goals
  • Global Goals brand guidelines
  • A library of Getty Images
  • Social Media ideas
  • Resources related to our app
  • Toolkit for websites and platforms


Here you’ll find tools, tactics and actions you can take to engage your organisation to help people learn about The Global Goals. So share them with the world, help make them famous and together lets make them happen.

  • The Global Goals toolkit for web platforms
  • App
  • Things to share
  • Display web badges, banners & flags
  • Posters
  • Watch and share videos
  • Ways to host a talk
  • Merchandise
  • The Dizzy goals challenge


Impact 2030 and the United Nations Foundations have created this toolkit to engage your employees in the Global Goals. Everyone can play a role in making progress for people and planet. Here you will find tools, tactics and actions to take to engage in making the goals famous.

  • A Global Goals Quiz
  • Tweets and Share Ideas
  • Write to your CEO
  • Banners and Email Signatures
  • Posters
  • Films to Share
  • Host a Talk
  • Join Impact 2030


Over 1 billion text messages will be sent out about the Goals. Here are the other channels and assets mobile operators are using to connect the world to the Goals and encourage more global citizens.

  • Banners & Buttons for your website
  • POS ideas
  • Customers Press ads
  • Copy for texts
  • Social Media ideas


Radio Everyone is a seven day pop-up radio station. Radio stations everywhere are joining us in our mission to spread the message of the goals to as many people as possible on the planet. Together they will make up a unique network of stations taking part in Radio Everyone across this very special week.


Global education communities including schools, teachers, civil society organisations, foundations and UN agencies, who are supporting children learning about the Goals.

The World’s Largest Lesson will teach children about the Global Goals and help them to become the generation that changed the world.

  • A selection of Global Goals logos
  • Social Media ideas
  • Lesson templates
  • Lesson plans
  • A poster library for schools
  • Blog post & newsletter ideas


Faith communities have always been at the forefront of social change, and we can’t do this without them. The issues addressed by the Global Goals are central to all faith traditions, which are the shared expressions of our humanity.

To learn more about how your faith community can get involved, email Kate Coleman